:!DOCTYPE html> SHARPpy: Sounding and Hodograph Analysis and Research Program for Python


A community standard in sounding analysis and visualization for the atmospheric sciences

Version 1.4.0 for Mac, Windows, and Linux
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Know Your Data

The SHARPpy numerical routines are backed by decades of testing and development in the NOAA Storm Prediction Center.

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  • Created to be Cross Platform

    Since SHARPpy is written in the Python programming language, it is designed to run independant of the user's operating system. Whether it's Windows, Mac OS X, or a Linux distribution, SHARPpy can be used to visualize and process sounding data.

  • Thoroughly Tested

    Nearly all routines are derived from methods and algorithms originating from the NOAA Storm Prediction Center's sounding analysis program, SHARP. Algorithms and routines are tested as thoroughly as possible to ensure they are as close to the values calculated by the code at the Stprm Prediction Center, as they have had 2 decades of in-house testing and development.

  • Completely Open Source

    Whether you want to use SHARPpy out of the box, or modify the program to meet your own needs, the SHARPpy source is 100% open and free under our open source license. We do our best to keep the source code well documented to make future use and modification an easy task.

  • Interactively Interrogate Data

    Select multiple sounding locations, lift custom parcels, modify the Skew-T or Hodograph, and check against previous sounding analogues using the interactive interface. Alternatively, data can be scripted to run over large datasets using the numerical routines provided.